Why should you help?

My Story

Estimates on a timeframe of when climate change is irreversible vary from one to twenty years, but one thing is irrefutable: time is limited.

For many years I lived my life with the mindset that nothing I can do makes an impact, and nothing is time sensitive. "Do it tomorrow" I told myself, "I have time." I brutally miscalculated.

I recently had a life threatening medical diagnosis that showed me why my time is so important. The only thing I can know at this point in time is that I am alive. I tell myself this as often as I can because I know my immediate future could change this at any moment.

I'm writing this and creating this community because I realized I have the ability to make an impact beyond myself. No matter how fleeting life is, I am alive right now so I am doing what I can.

You're alive too. No matter how many decades or years or months you have left, you own your life right now and that's certain. There is a future for the human race that you and I have the ability to make better, and we need to start now.

By joining the Greenish community you take the first step in showing the world that we care about our futures. That no matter the size of our actions, we will do whatever we can to change everyone's minds that our planet needs help.

This is a job that needs our attention. It's a job in which we work for our lives, not just money. It's a job that can't wait.

Your colleague,


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